Orange You Glad You Made This Pasta?

I used this title to try and catch your attention, did it work?  Either way I really do think you’ll be glad to make this orange-tinged pasta! I made this for myself the other day when I was feeling the fall cold more than I would have liked, and I decided that I needed a little pasta pick-me-up. It definitely satisfied any hearty cravings, even though it’s a vegetarian dish and is relatively low-fat.

This time I’m including a set of additional photos because my friend Colleen (same friend I mentioned in the last post – she was full of good ideas when I saw her!) mentioned that often when she goes to a supermarket, she will know the name of what she’s supposed to buy but she won’t know what it looks like.  I forgot that I had that problem for a long time too – I’ll never forget babysitting some family friends’ kids when I was 20 years old.  Their mom asked me to pick some basil from her garden, only to find me returning with a handful of weeds! Thankfully things have improved for me since then hehe.

Rambling aside, please look at the top right photo below to see what red kuri squash looks like.  I placed it behind my beloved chef’s knife so you can get a feel for its size.

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