Special Ingredient Post: Caramelized Fennel and 5 Ways to Eat It

This was a “feel-as-you-go” type of day, meaning that everything came together in a way I still don’t understand.  I guess it all started when I decided to pick up fennel from the supermarket this morning, since I haven’t been cooking with it enough (ok, at all) this season.  I think I’m not the only one who doesn’t love fennel’s natural licorice flavor, so anything that minimizes this quality suits me just fine.  That’s essentially how caramelization came into the picture, which both my mom and I agreed gave the fennel a deliciously sweet component (added bonus! mom acted as taste tester today).

My plan was to make the fennel as I wanted, then set it aside and use the same pan to quickly saute a fillet of whitefish, which would be served over the fennel.  This is exactly what I did, and it came out like so:

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