Summer Whole Wheat Pasta with Corn, Tomatoes, & Tuna

Good Thursday morning to everybody!

I confess that I didn’t intend to write this much at the outset, but once I got started I realized that I have so much to say to you today, mainly about one ingredient in particular.  I think this delicious pasta got me excited and I have rambled, and I apologize.  Please feel free to skip straight down to the recipe, or continue reading for what I consider to be interesting information on what comprises about 0.4% of our body’s weight.

So before I let you go on your merry way and continue your beautiful life, I am going to impart some information to you.  As I’ve mentioned before, since January I’ve been working as a cook and teaching assistant at Haven’s Kitchen, a beautiful cooking school and private event space in NYC.  Working here initially was not only exciting to me (I felt like I finally got the job I always wanted!) but so scary that I felt like a person with no hands constantly trying to grip a knife – I was trying to find ways to work efficiently, but I had no idea how to do so.

As an avid home cook for over 6 years, I have enjoyed testing out recipes, playing around with my food, and cooking for friends and family at my leisure.  Stepping into Haven’s Kitchen represented the first time I was working side by side with some of the best chefs I know (ok, fine, all of the best chefs I know), who harked from such amazing restaurants as Per Se, WD-50, and Le Bernardin.  Restaurant chefs operate on a different level and get a different kind of high than home cooks do from spending time in the kitchen, and lets just say we didn’t speak the same language.

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>Scrambled Eggs with Fried Parsley, Spinach, and Scallions


I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a long time, but for some reason I never managed to have fresh eggs, fresh herbs, and enough desire to follow through with it all at the same time.  Today being Sunday and my favorite day to go to the outdoor market on Boulevard Raspail, I decided to finally give it a go and put it together.  I would just like to mention briefly that today’s visit to the market was like one of those extreme challenges, and that it bore a strong resemblance to the tempestuous blizzard that Dorothy lived through in the beginning of the Wizard of Oz.

Fortunately the strong winds and cold weather led market vendors to be more generous with their samples: a taste of seafood bisque here, spit-roasted chicken there, leek & gruyere quiches and apples and oranges all around – there was plenty to go around to keep both vendors and buyers warm and happy.  Having come home with the necessary ingredients, I got to chopping right away because I was starving and needed to eat asap (I snacked on some sundried tomatoes from the Italian vendor to hold me over).

As far as eggs go, I would say this recipe isn’t in the fantastically easy category – however, I’ve come to understand that although cooking eggs may seem simple, there’s quite an art behind it and the mastery of patience, timing, and practice is almost essential (I’m not even close, but every egg dish gets me one step further!).  The fresh herbs are fantastic with eggs – once fried, the herbs become highly fragrant and their flavors are hightened, and they mix so well with fresh eggs and a touch of cream.   This should take you about 25 minutes to put together, chopping of herbs included.  So, give it a try, and I bet you’ll be making this a second time around as well!

Scrambled Eggs with Fried Parsley, Spinach, and Scallions – Serves 1

2 eggs
1 tbsp heavy cream (light cream or milk is of course welcome too)
1 scant tbsp vegetable or canola oil (you could probably use even less)
1 tbsp chopped fresh spinach
1 tbsp chopped fresh scallions/green onions (use just the light green part, discard the very green and very white sections near the stems and roots)
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley or coriander
optional: 1 knob of butter

1.  In a small bowl, beat the eggs, cream, and a pinch each of salt and pepper together with a fork.
2.  Heat oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat.
3.  Once hot, add the fresh herbs and cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until herbs have slightly darkened in color and are highly fragrant, about 10 minutes.
4.  Optional: add butter, and stir to combine with the herbs.
5.  Reduce heat to low; add egg mixture, and stir gently to mix herbs evenly with eggs.  Continue stirring, using a gently pushing and sweeping motion (you essentially want to fold the eggs over each other in order to keep them as fluffy as possible), until just cooked through, about 5 minutes.

Serve with crusty bread – yum!